SanDeks Logistics has acquired "Russian Customs Import Regulations and Logistics" in the subject knowledge and experience in recent years, other Turkish and foreign companies were also served.
In this context SanDeks Logistic has undertaken;  some companies from Bursa, Izmir and Istanbul, operating in its exports to the Russian Federation belong to, as well as partial to complete truck scale transport, insurance and customs import and make their customers from factories to warehouses or delivery service, .

Yet within this framework of different countries in Europe and Israel, some exports to the Russian Federation of the logistics and customs clearance operations between the services so far as is possible to say.

Most of his peers as distinct SanDeks export a large portion of the structure employed in the international freight transport experienced drivers with the Ministry of Transport Certificate Authority C1, each advanced technological satellite tracking system (GPS) is equipped with its own trucks (TIR) SanDeks Logistics Department as a realizes .

This method of any of the products to customers and shipments in the time.

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