Medical / Medical Masks / Medical Masks

Operating room, polyclinic, dental intervention to patients such as examination or other medical conditions surgical procedures in settings of infectious agents during from staff to patients or transmitting from patients to staff designed to limit masks are

Generally by droplet partial against transmitted pathogens disposable providing protection is a medical equipment. Weaving in bacterial filtration and air permeability because it performs better than fabrics Nonwoven (non-woven surface) fabrics are preferred

The raw material of nonwoven fabrics is generally polypropylene

In addition to PP, Polystyrene Polyethylene and Polyester based nonwoven fabrics also produce surgical masks appears to be used

Outer and Inner layers in the range of 15 to 25 gr / m 2 nonwoven (usually out of the Spunbond line) birds are preferred

In the middle layer, in the range of 25 to 35 gr / m2 weight (usually Fabrics from the Meltblown line are preferred.

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