We provide milk and milk products machine systems that produces pasteurised or UHT milk,cheese,kashar cheese, yogurt,butter, ayran, cream,curd cheese from raw milk to final product and offer a practical solution praticly, fast and issueless with our high experienced technical team for our customers

We offer starting from 10 ton per day and different capacities for complete milk and milk products.

• Pasteurised milk or production of UHT milk; Different dimensions polyethelan packages or bottles
• Production of kashar cheese, Vacuum package for different weights
• Cheese, in tins
• Production of butter, Thermoform packages
• Production of yoğurt, Different weights in plastic containers with aluminum foil and gasket
• Production of ayran; Different weights in plastic containers with aluminum foil and cap
• Production of cream; Different weights, optional containers
• Curd cheese, Different weights, optionally vacuum and thermoform package.

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