Logistics and Import & Export

Sandeks Logistics has provided service to Turkish and international customers with experiences and informations gotten from “Russian import customs Legislation and Logistics” in recent years. In this context, Sandeks Logistics has transported partial or trucks to storage or fabrics, …


Market Equipments

Sandeks meet the changing with unique designs and evolving expectation and improve currently products and services vary from costumer to costumer in market equipments sector base on prioritised customer satisfaction principle such as shelf systems, freezer systems,…



Sandeks is the most reliable solution partnership for our costumers about producting turnkey facilities, machinery or equipment effortlessly and smoothly with our well-experienced technical team.
You can find information and images below about our projects…



Sandeks has been exporting spare part of automotive sector for a long time. The leading minibus and bus producing companies of Russia and CIS countries work with Sandeks.
Also Sandeks provides technical support, high quality packing, transport and import operations…



SanDeks group incorporated a construction company and than started to take a part in the sector in 2012. Sandeks Construction and Building Materials, started first project at Üçevler district and has proved experiences, corporate identity and professionalism gained from tens of turnkey operations…


Medical Products

Sandeks is one of the leading pioneers in manufacturers and suppliers of health equipment in Turkey. Sandeks guarantees excellent customer delight with superior experience in effectively supply private branded and co-branded products to both local and international companies…



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